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Specialty northern conifer wood produced and imported from Europe and Russia.

To produce our lumber we use conifers from sustainable forests in Belarus, Estonia, and Russia. Our conifer wood comes from two varieties: Pínus sylvéstris and Pícea ábies. From these trees, specially grown in extreme-cold climates, comes exceptional-quality lumber that can be used for construction, home decoration, and furniture.


These slow growing trees produce lumber of special strength.

  • Our lumber is produced from trees that have large, strong trunks.

  • Made from trees sustainably planted and harvested at ages of 80-120 years old.

  • Conifer trees from cold climates grow slowly and therefore have dense growth rings and special strength. Stronger than average conifer wood, this timber is durable, resistant to decay, and well-suited for use in hot weather conditions.

1 Year


European and Russian wood (grown in northern regions)

New Zealand Wood (grown in southern regions)

Aged, sturdy, and strong material.

Young age, soft material.

Dried in an industrial kiln that evenly reduces wood moisture content to 18±2%.

  • Our northern conifer wood can be used for construction, roofing, wall decoration, ceilings, furniture, doors, windows, stairs, and much more. Kiln-dried by experts, we reduce potentials for warping to achieve strong and durable lumber.

  • Suitable to use for all types of woodwork.

  • We use an industrial kiln and high-quality wood to accomplish the greatest strength and durability.


The kiln-drying process takes 5-7 days at temperatures of 70-80 °C. The resultant moisture level in the lumber is 18±2%, which is an ideal humidity level for shipping wood in containers to Thailand. After arrival in Thailand, the wood dries again naturally in the local air to a humidity level of 13%.


Our factories use world-class, imported German equipment such as the Weinig planer, known to be the best in the industry.

We have been producing lumber in Eastern Europe and Russia since 2005. SAK WoodWorks chooses the best business partners, carefully selecting the finest for every stage of production, from environmentally friendly harvesting of sustainable forests, to kiln-drying, machine-planing, to packing, and transporting finished Grade-A wooden materials. We use the best technology and machinery from Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Russia. Professional experts in our factories control quality at every step of processing.

โรงไสไม้และการแยกประเภท โรงเลื่อยในรัสเซีย

Transportation From Abroad

We transport our wood to Thailand in full containers using Cosco, Maersk, MSC, and Evergreen. We load the containers once without repacking them on the ship. Therefore, we guarantee to our customers that the wood will come to Thailand in the same condition as when it departed from our factories abroad.


SAK WoodWork's wood takes a long time to travel to Thailand. We load containers at our factories in Belarus, Estonia, Russia, and Ukraine and deliver them by truck to the ports of Klaipeda (Lithuania), Odessa (Ukraine), St. Petersburg (Russia), and Tallinn (Estonia). Containers are transported by ship for approximately 45 days, a distance around 21,000 kilometers, and then arrive at Laem Chabang Port (Thailand). Due to the length of time that transportation takes, we at SAK WoodWorks are proactive so that our customers don't need to wait. We maintain several warehouses in Thailand to stock a variety of wooden materials, to ensure the most popular options are always available.

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