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Sak WoodWorks Company, Limited

is an international distributor and wholesaler of specialty northern conifer wood. We intend to build a supply chain between Europe, Russia, and Thailand.

Wholesale Conifer Wood

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Our factories are located in Belarus, Estonia, Russia, and Ukraine under the brand, “Sak WoodWorks.” We carry out trading operations in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Korea. Our head office is located in Thailand. With more than 12 years of experience with European timber, we are able to offer a wide range of the highest quality wooden materials.

Dried Conifer, Sawn, Not Planed Smooth (KD - Kiln Dried)

  • Square Conifer Planks
  • Conifer Pallets and Packaging
  • Square Conifer Poles
ไม้ฝา ไม้ฝ้า
ไม้ฝา ไม้ฝ้า

Planed S4S (Smooth On 4 Sides)

  • Conifer Decking
  • Groove Decking
  • E4E Conifer Panels
  • Beveled Conifer Planks
ไม้ฝา ไม้ฝ้า
ไม้ฝา ไม้ฝ้า

Planed S4S (Smooth On 4 Sides)

  • Smooth Planed Conifer Planks
  • Smooth Planed Conifer Framing
  • Smooth Planed Conifer Poles
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ไม้ฝา ไม้ฝ้า

Conifer Wood with Tongue Rail, Planed Smooth On Three Sides S3S

  • Conifer Siding (Linings, Beams)
  • Conifer Flooring
  • Conifer Log Cabin Siding
  • Conifer Wall Beams with Double-Sided Tongue Rails
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ไม้ฝา ไม้ฝ้า

Other Products and Special Services

  • Furniture Shield
  • Glulam Boards and Glulam Battens
  • Uncut Conifer Glulam
  • Plywood And Particle Board 
  • Wooden Pillow
  • Conifer Skirting
  • Conifer Fences
  • Conifer Wood with MCA/CCA Treatment
  • Cutting Boards to Standard Sizes
  • To Produce Specially-Sized Wood
  • VPV for Wood Treatment Solutions
  • Thermal Modification Process (using hot steam to reduce the problems of wood stretching and shrinking) 
  • Applying Varnish, Paint, and Preservatives
  • Yakisugi: Wood Burning For Decoration
  • Metal Fastening Devices for Wood Installation

Our wood has FSC/PEFC certificates, phytosanitary certificates, certificates of origin, and certificates of drying. We can also provide certificates of disinfectant drying and IPPC.

More Reasons to Choose SAK WoodWorks as a Supplier

Wholesale from The Warehouse
- - Order 200,000 baht or more
- - Free delivery all over Thailand within a few days.
- - Best selling products are always in stock.
Direct import of FCLs (Full Container Loads)
- Chain of supply according to the customer's production process.
- Active price in the world market (MOQ 40 MTQ).
- Production capacity of 50,000 cubic meters/year.
- Successful relationships with Thai companies.
Flexible terms.
- Loyalty program for dealers and regular customers.
- Payment terms for FCL imports (L/C, advance payment, D/P, check, etc.).
- Short-term credit and installment payments.
- Access to individual customers.

Interested in applying to be a distributor If you are interested in ordering products in bulk/large amounts, please contact us.

Wholesale inquiry form

Or you can contact us through other convenient methods such as

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LineAT SAK WoodWorks - ไม้สนนำเข้าขายส่ง


020 261 149

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